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Brand new calibrators


The 9041 Multifunction Calibrator is a 25-ppm transportable calibration instrument. With a maximum power consumption of 200 W, a backlit STN display, and more, the 9041 is the ideal device for a variety of testing requirements. The 9041 Multifunction Calibrator has 0 - 1000V DC / AC voltage and 0 - 30A DC / AC current. This precision calibrator also comes with dry block temperature and infrared temperature modules.


The 9200B Multifunction Calibrator provides by far the fastest and safest solution for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT's and insulation testers. Traditional testing practices require many pieces of test equipment and exposure to hazardous voltages, with a typical multifunction tester taking up to 45 minutes to test. Using the 9200B, calibration time can be dramatically reduced to under 15 minutes, all while increasing safety. Cost effective calibration can be put into practice easily.


The 9200B provides suitable accuracy for calibration of even the most accurate electricians test tools and can achieve a test uncertainty ratio (TUR) of 4:1 when calibrating. The 17th edition PORTABLE 9200B test equipment has been designed to have short warm up times for the ultimate in portability. 

MSA Conference

The MSA conference in Wellington was a great success and gave us some great networking especially with the principal sponsor CPS and Transmille our calibration equipment suppliers.

The highlight was certainly being the sponsor and presenting the metrologist of the year award to Dr Rod White.

New Memberships

We have joined the Metrology Society of Australasia (MSA)

The MSA is an association of professional metrologists, engineers, scientists, technicians and measurement experts throughout Australia and New Zealand, who measure, evaluate, calibrate, maintain, educate and train, design, sell, invent and develop measurement technologies and research the Science and Art of Metrology. This year at the annual conference in Wellington Feb  20-23 we have sponsored and will be presenting the award for Metrologist of the year.  


Please support the sponsors already committed to join us in Wellington in February 2023, by visiting the trade area at the conference.


DE Calibration & Compliance have been members of the Electricity Engineers Association (EEA) for several years and continue to support this organisation

As a hub of knowledge for the industry, the EEA is here to ensure you stay up-to-date with the relevant news, updates, policy, and other industry news as and when you need it. EEA successfully enables the electricity supply industry to provide New Zealand with sustainable, reliable and safe electricity now and into the future.


We also became members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) in 2022

LEEA Quality Policy 

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is committed to the supply of services and products that meet the requirements and expectations of our membership and customers in every way. The Association’s vision is ‘Lifting and height safety industries which have eliminated accidents, injuries, and fatalities’, which is followed by our strategic priorities: 

•    Member benefits  
•    Defend the gold standard  
•    Raise awareness of our members  
•    Professional development of people across the industry  
•    Sustainable development  
•    Supporting the global industry 


Maintaining the Quality Management System: A major element of the Quality Policy is the maintenance of a Quality Management System, which is designed to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 plus all appropriate legislative requirements and industry related standards and codes of practice.  

Review: This policy, procedures and documents supporting the Quality Management System are subject to review on a regular basis to ensure their continuing suitability and effectiveness making amendments where appropriate. 

Communicating the Message: This Quality Policy is communicated to all existing and new Company employees to ensure knowledge and understanding of its contents.  



Going forward – 2023 is going to be an epic year with a full workload and bookings, NZS/ISO 17025 – Metrology & Calibration accredited Laboratory to service / calibrate your equipment and more additional staff to cater for the increasing workloads and new customers coming on board.

We welcome Morne du Plessis to the team in Hamilton. Morne is a registered Electrician (EWRB E 281659) with 14 years experience. In his spare time he is into mountain biking / cycling, woodturning, engineering and vehicle restoration.


We are lucky to welcome Shane Murphy to the team in Feburary 2023. Shane has accepted the role of trainee Calibration Technician and will be working with the team based out of the Te Rapa office.

Electronic Power Equipment Distributor

DE Calibration & Compliance is proud to announce that we are now a NZ based distributors for Huanzheng instruments.
Huazheng is an electric power equipment manufacturer based in China. They provide a wide range of equipment from oil testers and relay protection testers to circuit breaker analyzers.
They have been in the business since 2008 and have build a strong distribution network that we are now proud to be a part of.
We have lot of experience using equipment from Huazheng in several of our processes. There for we are confident that also you will be satisfied with the quality of Huazheng equipment.

For your high voltage and transmission equipment needs, get in touch with us today. Click here to access our online form   or give our Hamilton Office  a call on  07 850 1177.

What's new

In 1991 Design Engineering was established to provide: structural steel detailing, mechanical engineering design, welding inspection and welder qualification testing. Over the next few years the business expanded to include structural engineering design, non destructive testing as well as equipment inspections. Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed a restructure of the company.

In early 2021 we formed the DE Group with three entities; DE Calibration & Compliance, DE Consulting Engineers & Inspection and Survey NZ.

As you know without change we would not grow so restructuring has allowed us more focus and to provide a wider range of services yet still maintain the high level of quality in our work that we have been known for and to continue this great service to you moving forward.


The changes

Due to our restructuring, we wanted to clarify some of the internal organisational changes to ensure you are familiar with what has happened.


Dean Van Buuren - CEO of the DE Group

As the founder of Design Engineering, Dean continues his work in DE Group as the CEO & Technical Manager. He also continues to provide his expertise and support for DE Consulting Engineers & Inspection and DE Calibration.

Shane Heselwood -  General Manager of DE Group and Director of Survey NZ

In early 2020 Shane started as the General Manager for Design Engineering. He continues in his role as the General Manager but now under the DE Group, covering management for all three entities.

Kim Burtenshaw continues in her role as Accounts and Finance Manager under DE Group, managing the administration and finances.

Kaye Johnston-May continues in her role as Quality Control Manager under DE Group, with the additional role of Health and Safety Representative for DE Group.


Going forward to year 2022

We at DE Calibration and Compliance, as wells as in DE Group, are looking forward to seeing what this year brings. There has been challenges for all of us in the past few years, but we continue to be here for you. Let’s talk today to see how we can be of service and help your business in the 2022.

Timaru (head office)
Nelson (Survey NZ)
Te Rapa, Hamilton