Calibration & Verification Testing

of Meters and Testers

Metrology calibration and verification testing is a form of quality and safety assurance which allows you to use equipment with confidence, knowing that the instrument delivers accurate and reliable results to universally accepted standards.

We are New Zealand experts in calibration and verification testing. With us you can rest assured that the calibration and verification testing is always conducted to required standards, Codes of Practise, Acts and Legislation and of course to meet Health & Safety requirements and is carried out by competent assessed technicians.

Our calibration includes:

  • Clamp Meters
  • Multimeters
  • Power Meters
  • Multifunction Testers
  • Loop Testers
  • Insulation Resistance Testers
  • PAT Testers
  • U-TEV Testers
  • HV Test Sets
  • RCD Testers
  • Hi-Pots, etc
  • Voltage Meters
  • Phase Rotation Meters
  • Earth Resistance Testers
  • Frequency Counters
  • Data Loggers
  • Process Calibrators
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Light Meters - Visible and UV-A
Calibration of Pressure Gauges
Calibration of Torque Wrenches
Temperature Calibration
Calibration & Verification Testing
Calibration & Verification Testing

Secure Testing

Our database provides a complete history of your assets helping to take the compliance hassle out of your hands. Best of all, this information can be available to you at any time via a secure Proworkflow login to our job & asset management program. To make this available to you, contact Dean today via our online form or by calling him on 021737474 and he will provide a login and password.
9200B Multifunction Calibrator
9041 Multifunction Calibrator
The 9041 Multifunction Calibrator is a 25-ppm transportable calibration instrument. With a maximum power consumption of 200 W, a backlit STN display, and more, the 9041 is the ideal device for a variety of testing requirements. The 9041 Multifunction Calibrator has 0 - 1000V DC / AC voltage and 0 - 30A DC / AC current. This precision calibrator also comes with dry block temperature and infrared temperature modules

The 9200B Multifunction Calibrator provides by far the fastest and safest solution for calibration of Loop, RCD, PAT's and insulation testers. Traditional testing practices require many pieces of test equipment and exposure to hazardous voltages, with a typical multifunction tester taking up to 45 minutes to test. Using the 9200B, calibration time can be dramatically reduced to under 15 minutes, all while increasing safety. Cost effective calibration can be put into practice easily.

The 9200B provides suitable accuracy for calibration of even the most accurate electricians test tools and can achieve a test uncertainty ratio (TUR) of 4:1 when calibrating. The 17th edition PORTABLE 9200B test equipment has been designed to have short warm up times for the ultimate in portability.

Metrology & Calibration Laboratory

Conformance Standard

NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2017
General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Laboratory Services Summary

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5.89 Indicating Instruments and Recording Instruments
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